I’ve always been a  collector of sorts.  Growing up I would  save whatever objects I considered to be sentimental in any capacity.  From birthday cards to grease stained lunch  notes, I have always been inclined to keep things that reminded me of the  people I love.  Knowing that life is so  temporary scares me into trying to keep anything that is attached  to a memory I don’t want to lose.   I  don’t think there is anything more important than taking the time to slow down  and recognize all of the quiet little moments that make up a life.

Through juxtaposing old home video stills with present day photographs, I am able to draw connections and form a deeper understanding of  the people that mean the most to me.  By going through this process and watching old home videos, I am able to reconstruct memories from a time when I  wasn’t able to keep them.

What began as an attempt to process difficult times and  changes in my family dynamic has turned into a living archive that I  cherish and look forward to continuing for the rest of my life.  

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